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Friends Bracelets – Friendship Bracelet Making Kit FRI3012


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Feel the 90’s nostalgia and make your own FRIENDS themed bracelet. This novelty DIY bracelet kit features enamel metallic charms that are very reminiscent of some iconic things found on the hit TV show Friends including Monica’s yellow peephole picture frame, Central Perk’s sofa, and many more. The bracelet making kit comes with black and white ABC alphabet beads, so you can craft personalized designs or even create bracelets with famous Friends one liners and memorable quotes. This large bead collection makes 10 friendship bracelets, making it the perfect activity kit for family and friends to bond over at parties, during sleepovers, and even on weekends. Kit includes: Black and white alphabet beads, silver and gold beads, 5 enamel charms, round and pony beads in sky blue, red, and yellow colors, 4 yards of elastic, and 1 plastic bead keeper case.